Episode 18 – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Link slides the last metallic block into its proper niche and the puzzle’s giant mechanisms reassemble in satisfying staccato. He runs up to the monk’s platform and waits to receive another orb. The shrine’s papery deity stirs and begins slowly to intone:

“Your resourcefulness in overcoming this trial speaks to the promise of a hero… but, Link, it’s kind of cheesy that you used bombs and kinesis to solve yet another puzzle and you’re making us all look bad. The other monks have been talking. You’re a good kid, Link – just, no haxx plz?”

Special Guest: Michelle Ehrhardt (@ChelleEhrhardt) Freelance writer for KillScreen, Bullet Points Monthly, Paste and more.

Special Note: Bird chirps audible during the recording were totally a purposeful decision to help establish mood.

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