Episode 3 – 80 Days


The wind picks up as Phileas Fogg boards a giant robotic palanquin. You, trusty Passepartout, hand him his luggage. When he beckons, you simply shake your head and turn to face the garrulous Turkish automata. Over your shoulder you call: “You’d regret it if you stayed. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but definitely in 80 Days!”

Other games discussed: Ori and the Blind Forest, Xenoblade Chronicles, Monster Hunter 4, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Episode 2 – The Talos Principle


Waking up to blinding sunlight and phosphorescent glitches you are accosted by a booming paternalistic voice which subsequently commands you to collect every achievement in site. The booming voice then winks somehow, “gotcha, video games!” it intones.

Other games discussed: Grow Home, Monster Hunter 4

Episode 1 – Wolfenstein: The New Order


Creeping despair threatens to overwhelm your burning nihilistic rage. You walk up to an unsuspecting guard and leap at him silently, ready to eliminate another threat. Unfortunately, he turns just as you raise your hand to strike and grapples you into mortal combat – which involves stabbing each other repeatedly in the neck for an absurd amount of time. Welcome to Wolfenstein.

Other games discussed: Red Dead Redemption, Dishonored, Super Smash Brothers, Animal Crossing, Shovel Knight.