Episode 17 – Yakuza 0

Kiryu drops the splintered chair he’s been holding in his white-knuckled grip. Around him dozens of badly-beaten yakuza groan in pain. Turning, he sees a group of adorable small children approaching. “Kiryu-San” they cry in unison, “Why did you beat up our papa(s)? Our families will surely starve tonight!” Kiryu’s expression softens. He proceeds to spend the next two in-game weeks winning them toys in the claw game.”

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Episode 16 – Hitman

Agent 47 and Lincoln Clay are walking around downtown while passing a joint back and forth. Their inebriation has led them to become somewhat lost. Up ahead a police officer twirls a baton on the street corner. Agent 47 turns to Clay and says “I’m gonna ask him for directions.” Clay, aghast, whispers “No! 47, No!” But 47 is resolute and walks up behind the cop, garroting him swiftly, and slipping into his uniform. He pulls the slide back on his handgun, turns to Lincoln and says: “I didn’t know I couldn’t do that.” (all thanks due to the great Dave Chappelle for this reference)

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Episode 15 – Mafia 3

Lincoln leaves his chrome-wrapped car idling – “Black Ghost Blues” crooning out its speakers – and kicks down the doors of the mafia-controlled warehouse. He mows through nameless goons until finally he reaches the head goon. Laying his gun down the goon says “don’t you think you’re being a little divisive right now? Doesn’t our nation need time to heal? Have you ever looked at the statistics on black on black crime?”

Special Guest: Shawn Alexander Allen @aNuChallenger co-creator of Treachery in Beatdown City

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Episode 14 – Game of the Hour of the Year

Join us as we discuss the most interesting and memorable games of 2016.

It was a pretty shitty year, but we’ve found a shred of solace in the digital media with which we tend to pass our free time. Whether it’s through telling good stories or fostering supportive communities, games remain important even as larger issues threaten to overwhelm us.

We cap off the podcast with our hopes and dreams for gaming in 2017, bringing up VR, games criticism, Nintendo’s prospects and diversity in the games space.

Games discussed:

Dishonored 2, Hitman, Overcooked, Uncharted 4, Titanfall 2, Doom, Dark Souls 3, The Witness, Shin Megami Tensei, Inside

My Waypoint article discussing Doom & Inside

Episode 13 – No Man’s Sky


You blast out of hyperspace just in time to begin your descent through the looming planet’s atmosphere. In the periphery your hull glows red, then begins to cool. The landing jets of your ship flare up as you dust down on the lush and colorful surface. You pop open the cockpit hatch and set out to explore a new and exciting world, when behind you, you hear a floppy wet squeak. You whip around, and upon seeing the poor misbegotten creature, fall to you knees in despair. “No, not squishy butt planet again!”

Other games discussed: Persona 4 Golden, Severed, Her Story, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


Eko – Interactive Stories

Shuhei Yasuda interview about No Man’s Sky’s broken promises

Episode 12 – Inside

You raise your head from fitful sleep – you’ve been dozing at your desk again. On the computer is a half completed Reddit post: “TIL the kid from Inside is actually a simulation run by an employee of the Abstergo Corporation from Assassin’s Creed.”

Other games discussed: Overwatch, Volume, Hyper Light Drifter, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, Doom

Capy Games

What Mirror’s Edge Should Have Learned from Burnout

Reddit Cancer Theory

Thus Spake Zarathustra

Inside is a Brutal Critique of Capitalism

The Little Prince Movie

Episode 11 – Uncharted 4


Nathan slides recklessly down the muddy embankment firing RPGs at hordes of nameless Euro-military types. “Hey I just met you,” he bellows at Elena over the explosive rattle of gun fire. “This is crazy!” Elena responds as she backflips onto a jet ski while filming the whole scene through her camcorder. “Well, here’s my number.” Nate tosses a live grenade with his digits sprayed on at a group of baddies running off with the treasure. “Call it a perfect 10 maybe”: Every game publication on Earth.

Guest this week: Joe Russ – Creator of the upcoming adventure game Jenny LeClue

Other games discussed: Inside

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Episode 10 – Undertale

You find yourself down to your very last sliver of health. The enemy looms before you, readying itself to deliver the final blow. As you grimace and prepare to meet your doom, the monster drops its weapon and whips out a mirror instead. “Look within to find the most *dangerous* monster in this world,” it croons. You frantically navigate over to and initiate the menu option: “Self-awareness” – It is super effective.

Also discussed: Kill Screen Festival 2016

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The Desert Half – Rebecca Worby

Blood Meridian – Cormac McCarthy

Annhilation – Jeff VanderMeer

Jenny LeClue

Sleep No More

Kitty Horrorshow

Bartle’s Taxonomy of Players

How many days in the movie Groundhog’s Day?

Michael Lutz on Undertale

Jolly Determination

Episode 9 – The Witness


Serenely, you meander through the bright, effervescent world of The Witness. The sky is a brilliant shade of blue dotted with the occasional brush stroked cloud. The problems and struggles of the real world fade away as you solve cereal box puzzles in quick succession until… “wtf? Why isn’t this one working? What did I do wrong? Do I need to rethink this whole segment? I tried it 50 different times and it still doesn’t work! ARRGHHH…”

Other games discussed: The Division, Puzzles and Monsters, Firewatch, The Talos Principle

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